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    rex rabbit plate dyed chinchilla '

    A,chinese northeast area region
    B,Shandong province of China

    rex rabbit plate

    Our rex rabbit plates are made from skins of chinese northeast area origin and Shandong province origin.

    Please refer to origins of rex rabbit skins for detailed information.
    Rex rabbit fur skins and plates are our base business for generations. 50% of rex rabbit skins we made are for making plates.
    There are rex rabbit skins from within China and other parts of the world. So, plates of rex rabbit fur have their specialties.
    Rex rabbit skins of different origins can be made into plates.
    There are also rex rabbit skins from different parts of China mainly including: chinese northeast area origin, Shandong origin,

    Hebei origin, etc.
    Each origin of rex rabbit skins have their own characteristics which are the same for rex rabbit plates. Here below,

    there are forms to make them clear:

    Origin Fur Color Cost USE MADE
    chinese northeast area heavy Natural white

    very high


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    Fur Garments

    Shandong semi-heavy Natural white medium Fur Garments



    Natural white medium

    Fur Garments



    rex rabbit dyed chinchilla pelt skin

    grade one quality

    chinese_chinchilla2006 china_chinchilla2006

    rex rabbit dyed chinchilla plates blanket

    grade one quality


    rex chinchilla plate

    rex chinchilla plate magnify

    rex chinchilla magnify

    rex chinchilla scarf

    rex chinchilla scarf

    rex chinchilla cape

    rex chinchilla cape

    rex chinchilla clothing 2006-2007