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    About Us

    Company profile of Hengshui Fn Fur Co., Ltd.

    We,Hengshui Fn Fur Co., Ltd start its operation from the beginning of 2009. This start will become our great worldwide operation’s beginning because from this time, we are stepping out of China formally.

    Our company starts from a small fur family. Generation after generation, people and local folks in my town-Daying proceed their fur and skin business from the fast ancient times.

    In the year of 2000, we starts the trial to do business with overseas customers who have to our town. In the early stage, we have good and bad experiences in this fields because it is not easy to connect our business with international market directly. But we know that it is the trend and we will have to do that if we want to survive in the competitive market.

    Then, in 2003, Furshion Fur Clothing & Accessory Co. Ltd was registered for doing business with foreign customers without any “help” from trading companies from big cities in China. We are careful in this aspects because we know as the basic and original fur dealers in China and even around the world, we have too much to learn. How ever, we are stepping forward bravely.

    In the year of 2008, with suggestions from old customers from abroad, we are considering to go out of China to meet final users of fur skins, plates, semi-finished and finished products with no gaps. Then, with cooperation some state-owned corporations in China, we did that.

    Now, we are doing our business under the new name-Hengshui Fn Fur Co., Ltd. We are located in the countryside areas of Northern China. We have branches in Beijing and other main markets all around the China. Also, we are considering to set representitive offices in Europe, America and other important key markets globally.

    From our business development, you can have a general look about the improvement from original Chinese fur famers to international fur business partners. We are proud of this since all of them happened with our ability.

    Hengshui Fn Fur Co., Ltd is a fur business group in the North of China. We have 3 manufacturing plants in Hebei Province of China. We tan, trade and make all kinds of fur skins, whole skin and scrap plates, finished products of Chinese origin skins. Our products and service will give you the best advantage in product quality and price in you market.

    Now, our business covers four key sectors as below:
    1.Fur skins and plates exporting
    2.Semi-finished products exporting
    3.Finished fur products exporting
    4.Service and consulting

    Our products are entirely handmade. We export our products and skins to many countries such as United States, Korea and Italy . All our products are first quality which can meet Italian market requirement.

    For the start of 2009, I hope our commitment can assist you for your business and operation. Since the new start of business, we would like to maintain a close cooperative relationship with you. You are welcome to give us your feedback, opinion and suggestions on our service and products. You are also welcome to join hands with us as partners for marketing of fur items in China and all around the international market.

    Hengshui FN Fur Co. Ltd established in 2001 lies in Daying Fur Industrial Zone. The factory covers 20mu with a building area of 3000 square meters. FN Fur Carpet Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of fur blanket carpet from rabbit skin, fox skin, mink skin,lamb skin,kit skin and other fur materials, with over 100 sets advanced machines, fixed assets value of 5.6 million RMB, a staff of 450 people and 20 super technicians. “Quality First & Reputation Utmost” is the management principle we are always insisting on.